About Bob Burden...

“Bob Burden is that mischievous and profoundly inexplicable writer/artist who is responsible for FLAMING CARROT COMICS, MYSTERYMEN COMICS, and writing a number of award winning GUMBY comic books. “Emerging in the Indy comics New-Wave of the 1980’s, he went on to combine his gritty, rust-belt, urban settings and blue-collar characters with a surreal, Kafka-esque atmosphere, and eccentric, poetic (but somehow still linier) storytelling, soon foisting upon an unsuspecting world his iconic, Pere Ubu, Dadaist, literary monstrosity: Flaming Carrot.

Simple, candid, crazed and madcap, Flaming Carrot was part hero - part deranged, bloodcurdling killer, and part playboy Lothario -- irresistible to most any woman, lady, bimbo or femme fatale that crossed his path.

Flaming Carrot Comics eventually spun off into Mysterymen Comics which was the basis for the Universal summer blockbuster MYSTERY MEN, starring Ben Stiller, William H. Macy, Janeane Garafolo, and PeeWee Herman.

His recently released sketchbook, PANDEMONIUM BLVD, is a very personal memoir or “art-o-graphy” with a lot more off-the-beaten-path insight to the human condition and personal experience of the artist than the usual art book has to offer. Vain, brilliant, vulgar, self indulgent, visionary and always amusing.

Don’t miss out.”

Les Cheval – May 2014